Brian McLane (Book & Music)
Brian is a guitarist that has played, toured and recorded extensively with many bands and musical acts. Brian’s band Mondo Boffo was a mainstay at CBGB for years and their song “I Wanna Be A Marine” was an MTV underground favorite and the vinyl considered a rare collector’s item. He has written several plays with one film to his credit, the comedy “Men What Can You Do?” He hosted the popular Stream TV on Manhattan Neighborhood Network and has placed music on MTV, Discovery Channel, PBS, The Food Network as well as on film soundtracks. Brian holds a streaming media patent.

Michael Farr (Producer)

Michael’s creative talents are almost eclipsed by the name he has made for himself in the world of PR and Event Production. He has directed concerts for such iconic names from the world of music as The Rolling Stones, Prince, Elton John, Aerosmith, Madonna, Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke and many more. “I would be directing a concert and Prince or Mick Jagger would be asking me… Hey Mike can we do this here or that there… and I had to pinch myself sometimes. But working with Brian on End Of The Universe… and hearing the songs he has written is actually bigger than anything I’ve done.” Michael also has taught at the world famous Lee Strasberg Theater Institute.

Dylan Bank (Contributing Writer)

Dylan Bank is a writer and director from Brooklyn, New York who’s completed five feature films. His award winning psychosexual thriller “Nightmare”, was released by IFC in 2009. It’s been onward and upward from there. His second feature “Nothing Sacred” is a dark fantasy about modern magic which features some of both Europe and Hollywood’s top stars including Thierry Lhermitte (The Dinner Game), Philippe Nahon (High Tension) and William Sadler (Iron Man 3). His third movie, an over-the-top horror film called “Scavenger Killers” stars Eric Roberts, Robert Loggia and Charles Durning (O Brother Where Art Thou?), and is his first film with producer and best-selling author Kenneth Del Vecchio.

Joe Sears (Music Supervisor)
Joe Sears is one of the most sought after digital audio engineers working today. With a plethora of credits too numerous to list, Joes experience runs the gamut from television and radio to commercial work. He is a songwriter as well which makes him so valuable to the End of the Universe team. Currently Joe has placed on BRAVO’s “Pregnant In Heels”, MTV’s “Rock The Cradle” and “Parental Control”, “Famous”, “Where Did It Come From”, “Clean House”, “Deserving Design”, “Ace Of Cakes”, “How Do I Look”, “Property Ladder”, “San Diego Beach Patrol”, etc.

Ashley Poulin (Lead Illustrator)
Ashley Poulin is an illustrator from Marlboro, New York who was selected by the creative team out of over 100 artists who submitted work for consideration. Her previous illustration work is extensive and most notably includes the children’s books Risseldy Rosseldy by John Feierabend and Free Play by Jodi Lobdell-Bulson. Ashley has a BFA in illustration from the Hartford Art School in West Hartford, Connecticut, and a minor in art history.

Adam Louis (Screenplay)
Adam Louis is an American-born freelance writer living in Canada. After spending several years working for newspapers, Adam now works on marketing, screenwriting and book projects for clients around the world. When he’s not writing, Adam can be found cheering for the ever-hopeless Cleveland Browns or spending time with his lovely wife.”

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